Main features

Features Overview

  • manage vehicles categories: car, motorcycle, truck, trailer, digger and even your bike
  • enter the parameters of the vehicle: registration number, VIN, brand, model, registration date, assign vehicle destination
  • add destination and assign duties for it like technical inspection, insurance, tachograph etc.
  • add service for a vehicle with odometer state, photo
  • define service items e.g. change oil, tyres, change brake pads, fuel filter etc
  • disable the vehicle when sold but keep the history for future use
  • couple of tracks with a trailer
  • for trailers without odometers calculate the state based on coupling with trailers
  • report upcoming and exceeded duties, services and task
  • define time or millage to replace service item
  • add a task for a vehicle to remind about upcoming part replacement based on time and/or millage
  • register distance for a vehicle
  • display all activity of an employee
  • employee management
  • organisation management
  • log in with your Apple or Google account
  • let your employees log in without password via Single Sign On
  • integrate Tecaser into your existing software via REST-API
  • supported languages: English, German, Polish
  • weekly report via e-mail
  • vehicle history
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