About application

Tecaser is an application supporting the maintenance of a fleet of vehicles in terms of duties, services and tasks. More details in section About

It’s is available as a mobile app for Android, iPhone, macOS and Windows.

Tecaser iOS v0.22.8 released

Tecaser in version 0.22.8 for iOS is available. News in version:

  • link to WhatsApp Help Center
  • mandatory fields in form marked
  • present distance passed from the last maintenance
  • improve user experience
  • dependencies updated
  • bug fix

You can get it from App Store 🤝

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Volvo Trucks - connection

Recently, Tecaser has implemented the integration with Volvo Trucks API. It lets Tecaser grab telemetries data from Volvo Trucks vehicles in nearly real-time. The connection can be configured in Marketplace. Grabbed parameters are position, position heading, wheel-based speed, fuel level, catalyst fuel level, air temperature, vehicle weight, fuel used, vehicle distance, engine hours, etc.


Report page contains list of vehicles for:

  • exceeded or upcoming date of insurance
  • exceeded or upcoming date of technical inspection
  • exceeded or upcoming date of fire extinguisher
  • exceeded or upcoming date of ADR, TDT
  • exceeded or upcoming date of tachograph
  • exceeded or upcoming services
  • exceeded or upcoming reminders
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